Clothes Free Apparel

Alas, there are times when we must dress. For those times you can still celebrate the clothes free world. We have designs with clothes free characters for those who are overt about the love of our world and designs for those who want to promote our world, but in a more subtle way, maybe strike up a conversation about clothes freedom.


Clothes Free Stock Images

You can go to any stock image site and see the issues clothes free sites have with finding quality images that represent our world in a positive way.  Our goal with this project is to hire professional photographers to take photos of real people enjoying our world and license them to clothes free organizations for use in their product.  We will be starting a Kickstarter campaign and hope to get started on this mid-summer.


Before The Apple

We all need fun, laughter and good times in our life.  Before the Apple is a cartoon based on a world without clothes.  We're going to start with print comics and hopefully move into clothes free video shorts.


Re-educating Julie

This is going to be our most ambitious project. If you have not seen Educating Julie we highly recommend it.  It is one of the best pro-clothes free movies out there.  As good as it is, it’s very dated being 30+ years old. Our plan is to make a video, free to watch, based on the story.  We will be launching a Kickstarter campaign to help finance the project.


Clothes Free Publications

There is just not enough good entertainment out there about our world.  We have a couple publications in the works. The first is a mystery novel that follows a detective's introduction to the clothes free world while investigating a kidnapping.  Next is a photo book called, Just me. based on normal people, what they do, who they are.

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