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    First and foremost and by far the most important position is an Editor.  Content, look and feel don’t mean much if the content does not read right and words are spelled wrong.  We are looking for a person who not only has a detailed knowledge of how to write, but can also adapt their skills to the voice of the author. We are more concerned with quality than we are with experience or schooling.


    What good is an information site without information? We need writers. One article, weekly article, or monthly. The amount you write is up to you and as your time allows.  You can propose a topic, or might be assigned one. You will be asked to keep out core principles in mind when you write. We are singularly focused on the positive promotion of the clothes free world.  The Unashamed will not be used as a soap box for politics or social cause that does not have the clothes free world at its center.  Your voice will be yours, casual, formal however you write is up to you. These positions will take direction from the editor and publisher. Some specific topics we are looking for:

    • Fitness and health
    • Articles written from the perspective of single women or men. Couple and family
    • Legal issues
    • Nudism and sports and entertainment

    Fiction Author

    We have several projects planned that we need authors for. We have books, comics and videos planned and we need writers for them.  Specifically we have

    • A Thriller novel that surrounds a female detective who learns about the clothes free world while investigating a kidnapping.  The story is outlined, been through one round of “polishing” and needs finished being fleshed out and written. Ever who helps out on this one will get top author credit and a percentage of the proceeds.
    • Re-educating Julie, we’re looking for a screenwriter for this project.  We want to update and reimagine the 80s classic “Educating Julie”.  We are looking for someone that has experience writing screen plays, if you have professional experience, all the better.  This will be our highest profile project, so we really need the right person here.
    • Before the Apple comic.  Are you funny? Please let us know.  Out BTA comic is going to take a look at the lighter side of our world and let us laugh at ourselves and leave those who don’t know us wondering and wanting to explore.

    Crowed Funding Expert

    A lot of our projects require crowdfunding and we know it takes a specific skill set to be successful.  We are looking for someone who has launched successful crowdfunded sites. The first one we launch is for our clothes free stock images.  If you have been successful, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..