Ah, a question for the ages.  What do people who enjoy the clothes free life call themselves? Are we nudists? Naturist? Exhibitionists? Well, honestly, there probably is not a real answer to the question.  There are words that do not fit.  Exhibistionist is a perfect example. Exhibistionism is all about inmodesty, it’s “showing off” for sexual gratification.  There is nothing inmodest or sexualy gratifying about our word. We are men, women, couples and families who understand that life without the covers is far more enjoyable than with the confines that are clothes. So, who are we, how do we introduce ourselves, “Hi, I’m me, I’m a…”

Most look at our world and see the obvious, we’re all naked.  Nudity is just the product of who we are, think about it like a math equations. 8 + 2 = 10, 5 + 5 = 10, 6 + 4 = 10.  The products are all the same, but we arrived there in 3 different ways. The results of those 3 terms all equal and come to the enjoyment of social nudity, we just get there in a different way.  Let’s look at some things that everyone who enjoys social clothes freedom have in common. 


  • We’re all naked


This one is obvious right? One thing that is important to note, we’re not talking “clothing optional” here. We don’t find anything necessarily wrong with clothing optional, many in our world get their start that way. But clothing optional is not our world and not what we are supporting with this site.  We believe in and are promoting clothes freedom. Adding clothing optional to our world is like adding a forign ingredient to a nice glass of cool spring water. 


  • We are comfortable being naked regardless of the circumstances. 


Someone who is a member of our world should be just as comfortable being naked in a situation as they are dressed.  After all, it’s natural, right? If you're the only naked person in a room, then it’s the others who should be self-conscious, right? Now, of course, it is normal to be a little uncomfortable in those situations, but we should be able to get over that quickly. Ever go to a Halloween party dressed (or not dressed) as the Emperor with no clothes?


  • We do not get sexualy aroused by simply being clothes free


Being naked is not about sexual feelings.  If that’s you, then you are not a part of us (and frankly, not an adult). It’s the hardest thing to convince others of because of the perverse way nudity gets protraid in entertainment and other walks of life.  We cheapen ourselves by wrapping our whole bodies around the sexual organs. Fighting this stereotype is our front line.

  • We understand that clothes freedom is safe for the whole family 

This is another hard one and for the same reason as the point above.  People here “naked” they think sex, they protect their kids. Clothes freedom helps teach children that where God only made 2 models of humans, we’re all different in our own way.  The child knows that naked is natural and clothes are the weird thing that humans do.

There are lots of terms people use.  Those of us in the world use some, others outside use others that don’t fit and give a bad impression.  Problem is, people equate any time people are naked in a group with our world. That’s just not true nor fare to those of us who enjoy

Let’s take a look at what makes our culture what it is.  

First and foremost, and this can’t be stressed enough, our world is non-sexual.  Unfortunately, nakedness has come to equal sex. You can thank 

We’ve landed on 3 different terms Nudist, Naturist and Clothes Freedom. 


Nudists are people who enjoy being naked wherever possible.  


Being naked is a byproduct of the naturist.  The naturist is one who wants to be as close and intune with nature as possible.  The lack of clothes allows a much stronger connection to nature. Being naked allows wind, air, water to encompass the whole body.  If you have ever taken a skinny dip you know the feeling of complete immersion in the environment around you.

Clothes Freedom


Regardless, if you fit into one of these descriptions or if you came up with your own.  You must understand that the naked world is one of the most open, friendly and wholesome world you can be a part of.  There are a lot of people in the online world who have stolen our terms, our names and tried to make them their own. Those of us that enjoy the clothes free world need to fight to take back our terms and their definitions.  Now, yes, someone who participates in a perverse adult world, can call themselves a nudist a naturist or anything else, but their actions will show something else. Please, embrace our terms, our world and help protect them.